The PM 2.5 dust is 68 points above the standard, the 2 heaviest highway.

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PM 2.5 is above the standard 68 area, highway 2 is 96 microns per cubic meter.

The Air Pollution Coordination and Control Center in Bangkok has requested a report on a dust situation of no more than 2.5 miles.Ron (PM 2.5) of the Temporal Weather Quality Monitoring Station on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2564 at 07.00 hours an average of 24 hours measured 47-96 micrograms per cubic meter (MMC/BM) was found to be above the standard 68 area.

By the development area, the two-way entrance measures 96 microns per cubic metre

(m.Well, the humpback area, three blocks from the police fort, the road to growth, 81 bricks per cubic meter, 94 micrograms per cubic meter (mick/mick) and the emotional park, the development area, 91 micrograms per cubic meter (mick/mick).

Most of the air quality levels are beginning to have a health impact, providing advice to

the general public in areas with acidic pollution.Over-the-counter health surveillance measures, if you have a preliminary condition such as cough, severe breathing, eye irritation, should reduce the duration of outdoor activities, especially for the elderly, children and respiratory patients, and use self-defense equipment if necessary.

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