The lone shooter shot the resort owner’s son running away

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The shooter shot the resort owner’s son running away in front of the construction workers, multiple head-to-head bullets, dead.

On the 2nd of January, at 1 p.m. at the library, on the 2nd of January, Giraeus, a warm-hearted friend, Deputy Chief Investigator of

the Council of Ministers.Janet J. Sabri, reporting a shooting incident at the market building site adjacent to a close-knit resort on 357th Street

evade the town- Yang Palace, 2nd Squadron Red Ants, investigate with the intelligence unit

investigate the general public, and the customs forensic officer.

The crime scene is a construction site for a catering facility. The front area is full of blood and a third-millimeter shell casket. A shell casket

one head and one pair of injured slippers, approximately 50 meters apart, which is an area within

the building where five shells of the same size were found, and one head, so the officers kept them as evidence.

The wounded were taken to a medical facility in the county of Zubari, under the name of 39-year-old Mr. Manoch.Uh, the resort manager and the owner’s son were shot in the body and head, but the wounded couldn’t bear to die later in the hospital.

Preliminary investigators know that the victim is the son of the resort owner and the resort manager who is in charge of

the construction of the resort’s banquet hall in the area of the crime scene, besides building a banquet room

and making an appointment, the victim has also borrowed 3,000,000 baht to set up a boarding house before the event.At

the scene, after a full meal, the victim was riding a motorbike back into the building

the attacker was wearing a long brown arm. The brown carpet cap hides his face, riding a black

blue Honda bike with no license plates, followed by a gunshot wound to Mr. Manoch’s gun in a building that was being built several times among construction workers who were not afraid to be present.

Mr. Manoch tried to run away outside the building, but the unsub ran after him several times, until

Mr. Manoch fell into a pile of blood, so the unsub ran back in on a motorcycle and escaped quickly after

the construction workers and his relatives helped to transport him to the hospital, but

Mr. Manoch couldn’t cope with the injuries after the attack, so he rode away on his bike.On the ferry, the police got a radio intercept.

According to security footage, prior to the incident, a motorcycle bomber was responsible for the incident

and the primary reason for the police’s suspicion was a personal conflict, while the other matter was under investigation

however, the investigation team is now seeking evidence to determine the actual cause and follow up the case.

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