The big girl’s paying in front of the counter, the banner man standing in line.

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A Facebook user paying a video clip in the mini-mart store with a message saying, “Society alarm, why don’t you know you’re really sick?” by a security camera on January 3rd, 64, at approximately 14.28 a.m., a woman in her 35-40s was found wearing a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, a pair of t-shirts, a pair of t-shirts.Paid for, suddenly lifted his leg to the woman in charge, paying for it for no reason.

At 17:00 (January 3rd, 64) a reporter was notified by a 34-year-old Puddha news agency that the sale had been reported as a victim of a mid-aged woman who looked like a lunatic hitting her butt while paying money at a mini-mart store in Peking Temple, some Kuviang, some major Nitburi after the incident.

Congressman Puddha said that the incident occurred at 2:00 p.m. when he went out to buy his grandfather’s things, then he was arguing with a woman in the back and yelling at him with a rude remark that he didn’t know who the woman was yelling at, but he didn’t think about it and turned around after he paid the money.So she asked me why she was rushing, but this woman didn’t answer and just stood there.

After asking the chauffeur, the hired driver, if he knew this woman, found out that he was a psychopath and that he often robbed the area and caused other people trouble, so he came to the conclusion that he shouldn’t do this to anyone, and was afraid that one day he would do it to someone else and that it might be more serious, and that the timing of his forced entry would not dare to use violence against him.Such a big woman, and I’m afraid there’s no help if she gets hurt.Move again.

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