Open up 10 counts of untrustworthy debate-Big Brother.

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Open up 10 counts “Big Brother” was accused of ruining the good relationship between the institution and the people.

Opponent filed a motion of no confidence! Open the name of 10 ministers.

After the opposition filed an official motion of censure against 10 ministers, and a motion of censure was issued on the accused. Ten individual ministers have found

1. Democratic Party of Montenegro, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense: destroy the good relationship between the institution and the people, lead the excuse to divide the people

2. The Warden of the Century, Deputy Prime Minister: Act as an influential man, using the state budget to make one’s own wealth.

3. Mr. Schwarzenegger, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister, the Ministry of Health: No control over the spread of Covid-19, resulting in the spread of the disease in wait.B-B-B-

4. Mr. Mintr, Engineering, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Commerce: Self-interest and common sense.

5. Deputy General Ginda, Minister of the Interior: Government of the land without regard to the interests of the nation and the welfare of the people.

6. General T.V.P. Minister of Education: No hold on universal principles and no respect for good governance.

7. Madam, admire the scent, Minister of Labour: create a social rift, stir up hatred among the public.

8. His Holiness, Siam, likes the Minister of Social Affairs: Profit for the Unlimited Capital Group.

9. Mr. Neptune, on a case-by-case basis, the Minister helped the Department of the Interior: use its powers in pursuit of profit.

10. The Prime Minister helped the Ministry of Agriculture and the Union: use the state budget to benefit themselves and their partners.

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