My 86-year-old, bed-ridden grandmother, paid back nearly 100 grand in back pay.

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bed-ridden It’s becoming a matter of public interest in the event of a claim for

the elderly’s life or retirement after an 89-year-old grandmother, J. Buryum, filed a complaint that

the Central Accounting Department had a claim for the elderly’s interest plus 84,000 baht

based on the information found to be a special pensioner from a military son who died of a heart incompetent

bed-ridden So many elderly people have been reclaimed for their elderly lives

filed complaints and pointed out the most recent distress to an 86-year-old woman who was bedridden at the hospital.

Today (27th grade, 64) was a 67-year-old mule Indy, her eldest daughter, who was 86 years old

who had been bedridden by Alzheimer’s for almost four years, according to her brother

back in 2543.Her brother, the Conservatoire, who served as a military officer in the army, the Razoburi camp, died in a special case, making her a mother, who had been paid 10,000 baht a month.

Until October, 2563 your mother was no longer receiving old-age benefits

and an officer from the Pits’ Home Office came to your house to inform you that

the Treasury Department’s central accountant asked for a life interest.Older people or old people’s benefits

despite the fact that I’ve been getting them every month honestly and have now been bedridden for almost four years.

According to the Federal Accountant’s order about a state official or heir

her mother had an excess of money or was paid without a right.It will require a refund of 93,400 baht

but if the full amount cannot be repaid at least 20 per cent per month

the first instalment will be 18,680 baht

and the remaining 74,720 baht will be repaid every month, 1,245 baht

within a period of not more than five years, which causes her family great distress.

Because only a farmer’s career can afford it.

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