Hiding in an abandoned house before the hummingbirds scattered the human parts.

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At 4.30 p.m. this past day (4th of January, 64) there was an explosion in a house on the ground, in a mound of gravel, in an abandoned house, the Iron Curtain, in the vicinity of which a rescue officer with a fire brigade around nearly 10 units had to inject another explosion protection device, causing damage to both the house and the house.Firewood has a few holes in it, which is supposed to be the explosive force that caused the hole, and there’s a canister of balloons for gunpowder. be scattered all over the area

In addition, there’s a nearby civilian home that’s damaged onehouse and partially destroyed sixhouses, with human remains scattered around a 200-300-metre radius, and the explosion has also caused a mango garden nearby that’s affecting more than 20 leaves and fallout trees.

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