Federal employees fell from 10 meters above the surface, survived

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Coast Guard employees fell Federal 10 meters above sea level, survived a crane attack at approximately 06:30 p.m.

on February 1st, 2564.The hospital emergency was flattened, and the Trustees joined in.

But when it was discovered that the site of the crash was about 10 meters deep, and during construction,

the authorities were unable to bring it up on their own, so they had to ask for a crane to help bring the injured up, whose operation to save the wounded began by using the cranes of the cranes to go down, with an emergency hospital operational team banging on one person. Go down with one professional nurse and another trusteeThe wounded have been in the water for hours. Wounded from a broken leg.

The authorities have used a Federal to lift the wounded into the gallows, which this operation must accept in

the heart of the work and sacrifice of all the officers who want to save the wounded, even if they risk their lives, and after helping the injured, send them to a hospital on a flatbed.

For this victim, the first known nickname was Mr. Joe, aged about 40, who was a regular employee of the water and

tax maintenance program, which previously had villagers near the scene who heard a call for help, and then saw the injured man lying in the water below, who was building a drain door, and told the security guard (security) to come down. But I couldn’t bring it up because I had the wrong leg, so I coordinated the hospital staff, Agent.Here’s

the foundation, and the crane is a success. The cause of the crash is unknown, but it is expected that the injured may have fallen in the middle of the night while walking back to the apartment across the street, as the area is quite dark, possibly.

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