Closed for 30 years. “Marigot Jewelry” some crab, poison covids!

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Closed, 2,600 employees were crying out after Margaret Jewellery, some shut down the factory, including the High Tech Society.

According to the Pagebook case, the V2 factory community posted a picture of a large Jewellery factory worker in 2,600 crab towns on the move.

The farewell and hugging hands behind the factory’s management announced the closure of the company’s headquarters

which is located in some of the high-tech industries

perhaps in the United States, due to the economic impact of the outbreak of Kovid-19.

All the employees were on their last day of work on the 27th of June

before everyone had to pack their bags out of the company

which is where Brother’s board of directors was headed.Such a company has been

notified 90 days in advance of the Labour Code and has paid compensation to all employees according to the working age procedure of the Labour Code.

Most recently, today (28 meters) reporters traveled to a restricted area in front of the company

which is located in some industrial estates, export areas, April, the city of J.C.

where the atmosphere was quiet, and some of the staff in the undeclared sector came in.

For this jewelry factory, repairing parts or components of jewelry, artificial goods, services of

the kind or components of jewelry, and containers used for cargo.

According to sources, the closure of some of the factories this time was a merger of some of

the high-tech factories, some of which were in China, instead of reducing costs, after continuing to be affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 outbreak.

With the limited Pagebook of the company, Gregot Jewelry, a large number of employees came in to post their farewell messages and send their support.

Closed On the General’s side, one of the company’s employees revealed that

this factory has been operating for more than 30 years during the entire period of its operation, and that

the company takes good care of every employee with more than 2,000 employees, regardless of their salary or welfare, making every employee affiliated with the company.

Before the factory closed down, all employees were notified about three months in advance

and compensation was paid to all employees according to the working age of the company and the labor laws.

But since the company has been affected by the outbreak of COVID-19

it is necessary to reduce the cost of closing down the company to include companies in

the high-tech community, perhaps in the United States, where the company has also announced that employees who are willing to continue to work are to be transferred to the public service.In high-tech society.

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