17-year-old mother, injured, beaten by a man with a iron.

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17-year-old mother Reporter reports that a Facebook user posted a story of his daughter’s assault

17-year-old mother injured, so the reporter is in touch with the facts, initially the victim, N.S. Chicken, was 17-year-old mothe assaulted by a 19-year-old duck boyfriend, nearly with a left-eye wound.Blood, right ear, hemorrhage, scarring, swelling of the face, multiple swelling of the head, swelling of the back, repeated green lesions.

Also, on the night of the mother

it was found that there was saliva and a full head and face wound

which was known to be close to the scene by the duck, the perpetrator confessed to beating the N.S. Chicken with a fork and using salt to inflict severe pain.

Interview the Chicken Congressman, assuming that he was eating with his husband, had a five-month-old child

living together, assaulted several times until last night, 21st century 64

while he was sleeping, the duck entered his own assault room

which he feared would be full of five-month-old girls, and tried to protect the baby’s lap.Neighborhood work.

Then her mother came in and took herself out of the area

and she understood that you were jealous that you didn’t behave towards other men, which is so often the case, but because of the pity of the child, she feared that you didn’t have a father who had been hurt so badly that you couldn’t tolerate such behavior and that you were ready to give up.

On behalf of the 47-year-old Blessed Virgin, N.S. Chicken’s mother said her daughter left school in one of the cobbled areas to eat with the duck after being found two months pregnant.

Until the last night of the 21st century, around 2300 hours ago

a neighbor called to take his daughter to the hospital after being seriously injured by his boyfriend, when he found her with blood on her face, and rushed to report to the Ministry of Mining and to be treated at the bottom of the mine.Not anymore.

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